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Is an El Nido Philippines Tour Package a good


So finally you have decided to go to a tour and take a break. El Nido Philippines is the best choice if you are planning to tour alone as well as with your family because you need to make most of your vacation without breaking your bank. Particularly Palawan, the town of El Nido, is the best choice for many tourists as it promises exciting tour most of the tourists think that a package to El Nido Tour is a smart choice.

Where is El Nido?

El Nido is at the north end of the Palawan. It is popular for various outdoor activities like Kayaking, diving, snorkeling and island hopping. Limestone cliffs are scattered all over the region and they are the best backdrops for the picture perfect day at bay.

You can arrive at the town by a flight with Air Philippines, PAL and Cebu Pacific from Manila to Puerto Princesa. If you are planning the trip early, you can enjoy economical airfare promotions offered by these airlines.

What will You be Offered from This Tour Package?

A package for tour to El Nido includes van transfers from Puerto Princesa and it takes just 5 to 7 hours for the trip. As you travel with many other tourists, you will never get bored. You will be able to make new friends during the journey, listen to others’ interesting stories and even learn much from others.

These tour packages are convenient because you always know that there will be a transport to take you to El Nido once you reach to Puerto Princesa. You would not have to wait for a transport to take you to the destination and so there is no wastage of time.

Generally a tour package to El Nido includes 3-night stay at a hotel in town or at a beach resort. Often, the package includes an island hopping tour, lunch and breakfast, with a licensed tour guide. The cost of such package highly depends on the type of room arrangements that you will be offered by the travel agency.

Should Go on Do-It-Yourself Trip or Book a Tour Package?

If you want to save bucks, the best is to go on a DIY trip. For many tourists, one can save from travelling expenses by arranging airline and lodging by his/her own. You can backpack by checking in at economical hotels and inns at the bay and by hiring the jeepney or a tricycle for traveling around the town. There are various offers for islands hopping tours to choose from. On the other hand, there are many economical tour packages that are offered by travel agencies to help save you from the problems and difficulties of planning your vacation to El Nido Philippines in Palawan Island by your own.